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آخرين مقالات دكتر عباس ملكي

انقلاب اسلامي نظام بين‌الملل و دهه چهارم انقلاب

اوباما دست دوستي به سوي ايران دراز نخواهد كرد

سياست خارجي ايران از ديدگاه امنيت انرژي ، ايران قطب انرژي ‌

Oil Economies and Social Welfare

Iran, Regionalism and Arc of Crisis

Nation Building and the Futures of Afghanistan: An Examination of Alternative Outcomes and Policies from a Regional and International Perspective




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About the
International Institute for Caspian Studies

  • The Institute would also take on studies on the utilization of the resources and encourages regional integration among the countries surrounding the Caspian Sea.

  • The IICS endeavors to establish cooperation with similar international institutions all over the world especially in Russia, Kazakhistan, Azerbaijan and Turkeminstan to enhance studies on all aspects of the Caspian Sea. There are growing number of studies conducted by research and consultancy institutions outside the Caspian region that are eager to utilize local contributions and assessments in their work.

  • In the long run the Institute plans to organise a wide range of cultural and social seminars, including: publishing books, software, Information Technology Services, films and documentaries....

  • The Institute organizes periodical seminars and conferences in cooperation with other international parties in order to promote dialogue and understanding among officials, academics and businessmen regarding existing issues in the region. These activities are aimed at presenting political and economical points of view, as well as prospects for energy and environmental projects in the region.